RSPCA Solent Branch

"Our animals need us but we need you...Please help us to help them!"

About us

RSPCA Solent branch exists to help injured and unwanted animals throughtout a 400 sq mile catchment area in Hampshire.

At our Stubbington Ark animal centre, based in Fareham, we work closely with National Society inspectors and the local community to rescue, rehabilitate, rehome or release thousands of animals every year.

Our centre occupies an 8 acre farm site and can accommodate dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, birds, stock animals and wildlife, making us one of the largest RSPCA animal centres in the South of England.

Although we work closely with the National RSPCA, we are a completely separate charity and therefore we are heavily reliant on the donations we receive from our supporters to help keep the Stubbington Ark animal centre afloat.

As you can imagine a branch of our size requires qualifed staff, trained behaviourists, veterinary care/provision, on site maintenance and food/shelter/warmth for our animals.

This comes at a cost of over a million pounds each year.

"Our animals need us but we need you...Please help us to help them!"

So create a team and have some fundraising fun, fundraise for us individually or make a donation now.

Every penny donated will go directly to the welfare of all animals in our care.

Thank you.

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